The Best Number 7s In The World… and Michael Owen.

Life After Champions League Football

Man City’s exit from the Champions League made me wonder how teams fare after they are knocked out of the Champions League at the group stages. Baring in mind that I only took a brief look at the stats and tables I found only 10 instances where a team, who usually  does well in Europe or in their domestic league on a consistent basis, in one of the European elite leagues has been eliminated.

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The Return Of Darron Gibson

Could Darron Gibson be key?

The return of Darron Gibson. Well it may not be too far off. Having made his return from a lengthy injury sustained in August just this week for the Manchester United reserve team, could Darron Gibson finally make the kind of meaningful impact that he had once hoped he would?  Read more of this post

Is There Too Much Pressure On Tom Cleverley?

Although the scorelines have generally been positive, in the past couple of weeks, the chatter amongst some sections of Manchester United fans have been that of unease. It all began with the 1-1 draw against Stoke followed by conceding 3 goals against FC Basel in the Champions League and the continuation of the subsequent ‘unconvincing’ performances.  Read more of this post

How Has Sir Alex Ferguson Addressed The Challenge Set By Barcelona?

There is no doubt that the end goal for Manchester United this season is to be at the Allianz Arena on the 19th of May, 2012. In fact that is a goal set to every top European team worth their weight. Having reached the final two times in the last three years, Manchester United will be hoping to go one better but in their way stands a Barcelona team who are unquestionably on the brink of making history. Read more of this post

Darren Fletcher Hoping To Reach Champions League Final

It is hard not to feel sorry for the Scotland captain Darren Fletcher who has been with Manchester United since 2001. In that period he has seen the team he plays for and adores reach the Champions League final three times and has not been involved in any of them. Read more of this post